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As our age is the age of information technologies are rapidly developing, contributing to the creation of new ways to display and view any type of information. One of such technologies is useful know-how called Panorama, which affords opportunity to view angle of 360 degrees, which enables to perform an all-around looking of the environment. In other words it is virtual tour around the place, presented by 3D image. Panorama 360, in a form of a static image and a video, is usually used for entertaining, advertising, scientific, military, educational purpose and other ones.

Panorama 360 is a special 3D image, created by means of computer, displaying everything, which is situated around the viewer and affording a full and detailed observation of a space around him.

Other important thing must be said about panorama is that spherical panoramas can be presented by Flash, which has become one of best-selling format for multimedia content in the Internet. Such panoramas allow the viewers to move the picture with the help of mouse or keyboard, it can be easily rotated in all the directions, zooming the image closer or further and thus creating an effect of presence. This way of product presentation is called flash panorama and it is top of the line way for showing how many beautiful places exist on our planet as well as places which can be built in the future.

Panorama 360 makers of 3D DESIGN & STYLE produce their panoramas with high quality and pay their attention even to tiny details for making the panoramas not just close to reality but make them real not only by their looks but by the feelings they give to their viewers. As the result you will hardly distinguish if you are waking around the real place or panorama of 3D DESIGN & STYLE.