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3D DESIGN & STYLE comes from one of the largest family owned international trading companies in the U.S. Nowadays 3D DESIGN & STYLE is based in California with international branches in London, Moscow, New York, Beijing, Tel-Aviv, Barcelona, Roma and Paris.

3D DESIGN & STYLE is a privately held international Hi-Tech developing company, successfully conducting worldwide operations. Currently, the CEO of the company is Steven Shaul, representing the 5th generation in this business; he has invented his own unique strategy of working. Among the number of his honors and achievements, Mr. Shaul has been appointed as Ambassador of Arkansas by the former President of the United States Bill Clinton.

3D DESIGN & STYLE, as a part of Los Angeles Revolution Hi-tech company, specializes in 3D, 5D, 7DP panorama by using and developing only the advanced technologies of the newest type. Our technologies can be used by designers (interior designers, exterior designers, industrial designers and other ones), engineers, PR companies, Architect companies and architects themselves, and of course by Advertising companies.

3D visualization, created by 3D DESIGN & STYLE, enables to identify all desired elements from color and shape to landscape, allowing its customers to review different products or services of our clients in a much more convenient way without the necessity to leave the office.

Letter of recognition from Director, Steven Spielberg thanking Steven Shaul

Our company specializes only in modern, unique, interactive and entertaining 3D character animations, offering hundreds of options and enlivening each project by its unforgettable design. The experienced team of 3D DESIGN & STYLE is always providing excellent services in the area of architecture, real estate and construction by using 3D movies, 3D cartoon animation, flash characters, background animation and so on.

3D DESIGN & STYLE is engaged in panorama making. Virtual tour, with the help of 3d panorama, video panorama and city panorama, enables the owner to afford a full range of services for the clients. Panoramic view is the best way for promoting your business, implementing plans and achieving success. We will be more than happy to help you in gaining the desired goals by using our advanced computer technologies, such as, for example, 360 panoramas.

The company is successful not only in creating 3D panorama for you, but also in improving the image of your company, raising your positions in business and attracting new customers with the offered range of unique services, made by 3D DESIGN & STYLE.

Letter of recognition from former U.S. President, Bill Clinton thanking Steven Shaul

Nowadays web technologies are on the way to the rapid development. Good engineering requires toughness in work from A to Z. That is why, for your site’s usability improvement, we strongly recommend you to use the advanced web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, DHTML, LAMP and other ones of that nature. It is hard to find better ways to increase the productivity of any industry in the contemporary world nowadays. The usage of future technologies will enhance your business to a significantly new level of development, making it competitive on-line.

3D DESIGN & STYLE is ready to present you our own site, containing unique design, ultimate technologies, best marketing and new products.

We possess a reputation of a company with high level of integrity and ethical behavior. We are a privately held company with a team of professional and motivated experts, capable of carrying out successful operations with our business partners, and you are kindly welcome to become one of them. SO, FEEL FREE TO JOIN THE WORLD OF 3D WITH US!


Steven Shaul


Steven Shaul recognized as Ambassador of the State