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What is 3D animation and what benefits does it give to you at the marketing? First of all let's see the etymology of this term. It is derived from Latin words and means "the act to bring to life". So in other words animation makes the picture to move or to be alive. The illusion of movement is achieves by rapid display of a sequence of imagines.

So what are advantages of 3D animation? If you are going to use it to the advertising it will be more effective than using of 2D imagines as animations captures attention of the viewers by their movements for a longer time. It also costs less than the recreation of the event you are going to present. And the last but not least thing is that it gives you the feeling of reality.  

It isn’t secret that 3D animators are key men at advertising sphere as a high level of flexibility and control are required to create 3D animation, making 3D content to look really photorealistic and believable, endlessly expressing the artistic freedom. 3D animations jobs of 3D DESIGN & STYLE are really hardly distinguished from a real video or photograph.

In conclusion, this technology allows to express your vision, in other words to create things which exist only in your mind and make them to look absolutely photorealistic. 3D DESIGN & STYLE works to make a 3D animation very close to reality, which will be the best way for promoting your business and allow giving your information to your clients in absolutely unique and bright way. More of that 3D animation design gives opportunity to show only your personal vision or vision of your company and to create 3D character animation especially for you. Besides, you can use it for 3D TV commercial advertising. Our 3D animation studio works to make best 3D animation, which can accede to any request of our client.